​Our Restaurant​


High quality specialty ingredients made by Kyoto artisans at a reasonable price.

Oden is one of the traditional dishes of Kyoto. In order to make this Oden the highest grade, we have developed a luxurious "Suppon Dashi" oden. Ingredients are purchased from Kyoto vegetables and seasonal ingredients every season. We cook the best ingredients of the day carefully.

Charcoal grilling is another specialty dish. Beef is “Aged Tajima Japanese Black Beef” Pork is “Kyoto Pork” Chicken is morning-ground “Sakurahime chicken”
Purchased from mature meat specialists and contract dairymen.
Bake carefully over a charcoal fire.
In addition, we purchase "domestic eel" and "momo" from a long-established store in Nishiki Market. We procure rare natural ingredients from our own route.

We also sell eel, horse meat, etc. under the theme of "nutrition and beauty tonic".
“Sukiyaki-style horse meat” and “Eel root vegetable skewers” ​​are popular dishes.
The store renovated "Kyoto Old House". You can enjoy your meal in a space full of the ancient city atmosphere.

We handle a variety of sake such as beer, sake, and shochu. Among them, the recommended wines are carefully selected owners, domestic craft gin and craft juice.
Seasonal wines are selected from wines from all over the world. Gin and tonic made with domestic gin and craft juice based cocktails are also recommended.

Store appearance

​1st FLOOR Counter 14seats

2nd FLOOR 4Tables 24seats

2nd FLOOR a Privateroom for 8people


京都市中京区姉小路通新町東入町頭町89番地 1階
営業時間 月~土 17:30~23:30(LO23:00)
​     日祝日 17:00~23:00(LO22:00)
姉小路新町 みやこ食堂

mail: info@shokudo-miyako.com

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